Hello, this is Jai Dhuria, the owner/founder of Greatapesworld.com or Great Apes World. I am from India, and by profession, I am an engineer.
I treat this company/name as an initiative. So, the Initiative begins with one of the biggest global epidemics(Corona Virus). This epidemic gave me enough time to understand me as well as the outside world. I used that time to understand one’s conscience potential and spiritual power. In this time frame, I went through some of the Spiritual and Psychological books, podcasts, videos, audios, etc., to understand the principles of God and Wisemen.

After understanding all this, I had two conclusions in front of me.
1. Success is directly proportional to mental and spiritual peace.
2. To achieve your true potential, you must develop mental peace and humanity.
Therefore, my Initiative is to combine these principles with the system of today’s era. So that I can provide you the knowledge related to your worldly, spiritually, and business life.

Concerning the above story, my task, duty, goal, and purpose are only one. That is public welfare.
I believe that until a person is physically and mentally stable, he cannot discover his conscience or true potential. Without peace of mind, you cannot make the right decisions, and when the choices are not correct, then how you get success?
So through this website, My team is going to post many articles to show how you can achieve mental balance. We will also be able to tell how the right decisions should be made after achieving mental peace.
Through this website, you will be able to learn
1. How to run a successful business using mental balance and peace.
2. How humanity and meditation can increase your business revenue.
3. How to Become a Leader and how to make others a leader.
4. Discovering Your True Potential.
Rather than these, we will post continuously something about Leadership, Management, Strategies, Business, and Various Business Models, Psychological facts, and much more.