The A to Z Model of Leadership Skills

The A to Z Model of Leadership

Written By | Jai Dhuria

Hello, this is Jai Dhuria, the owner/founder of or Great Apes World. I am from India, and by profession, I am an engineer. I am very fond of reading Indian Scriptures. So It's just an effort to give them such a shape so that you can use it in your personal as well as business life.

July 14, 2020

Leadership Skills are essential to developing oneself or a business. These are the skills that transform a plant into a tree. So you decide whether you want to live your life as a plant or as a tree.

Let us understand this article with a question.
Who do you want to be in your life?

In response to this question, you might not have taken the name of your parents. That is because your parents are leaders for you but not for the world. So you prefer to follow those whom the world considers leaders.

Whomsoever you follow. If he is a great leader, he must carry the following skills. You can learn all these Leadership Skills by putting consistent efforts.

Just like ‘ABCD’ is taught in a school. In this article, you will learn about the A2Z of Leadership skills.  


That is the first step to become a leader. That starts by taking the initiative. They don’t wait for someone to do something. Like, you cannot take actions by hiding behind someone’s shadow. Such as a leaf that cannot become a tree by living in the shade of a tree. 

Most businesses get ruined because they introduce their product at the wrong time. This wrong time can be the market needs.

You can start an old product with an innovative system or wholly new goods.

“Innovation differs between a leader and a follower.”

-Steve Jobs

Who are you, a creator or a consumer?


That is the skill which starts developing from childhood. Do you like to complete your work, or do you leave unfinished?

In business, you must go through all the following analysis;

To measure your current situation and to plan your next move. If you are not completing your work, then how can your employees do it.

“An incomplete research leads to failure.”



You may be confident when you don’t aware of your situation. The same thing happens with people in the business. They start it without researching their market. So when they get introduced to any problem, they quit the business.

Can you become confident?

The complete research about a particular thing makes you well confident. The great leader knows that if he is confident about himself. His people will become positive by themselves. When you prepare yourself for the worst, your confidence goes up.

“The army can fight as long as their king survives in the war.”



The right thing does not give any value if it does not get done at the right time. What if you took medicine before you become ill. What if the student taught just before the exam. If you do not get your salary when you need it, then?

A little weird, isn’t it?

A common man, do things according to his wants. Leaders do not do that. They understand the need of the hour and then take actions in that manner.


You cannot get tired of what you like.
For example, gambler likes to play even after losing.

In the same way. The leader who likes to lead people will not feel this duty as a burden. Whether the tree is small or big. It does not get tired of lifting the weight of its twigs.

If you like to lead then, lead. Or, learn to follow the instructions of the one who is leading.


Starting a business is not a big success. But keeping it successful is an incredible success.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Business Employment Dynamics

  • About 80% of businesses with employees will survive their first year in business. (The most recent data shows that, of the small businesses that opened in March 2016, 79.8% made it to March 2017.)
  • About 70% of companies with employees will survive their second year in business. (The recent data shows that of the small businesses that opened in March 2015, 69.2% made it to March 2017.)
  • About 50% of companies with employees will survive their fifth year in business. (Data shows that of the small businesses that opened in March 2012, 50.2% made it to March 2017.)
  • About 30% of companies will survive their 10th year in business. (The most recent data shows that of the small businesses that opened in March 2007. 33% made it to March 2017.)

Why does it happen?

That is because 70% of the businesses do not dig deep enough in the following points.

  • Market Research
  • Business Plan
  • Funding for business
  • Business Location
  • Business Structure
  • Licenses and Permits

There is a fine line between over-confidence and fearless.

Doing any work without research and then wishing to succeed in it. That is a symptom of over-confidence. On the other hand, the depth of your research makes you fearless.  

Like, the same type of medicine cannot cure all patients. The same kind of strategy cannot give you success every time. So you must be prepared to take risks when needed.


Do you know why you are reading this article?
Do you know? The staggering 92 percent of people that set New Year’s goals nevermore achieve them. That’s according to research by the University of Scranton.
Are you in 8% or 92%?

There are two kinds of people on this earth.

  1. The one who runs behind the success
  2. And, the one who runs behind the goals.

The first person changes his goal to achieve success. But the second person may change his pathways, not purpose.


Whether it is business or life, honesty is necessary for both. If the teacher is dishonest with his disciple, and the doctor, with his patient, then whom will people trust?

A small business can run dishonestly, and people are running it. But that business does not last long. Because, if the roots are not sturdy, then the trees fall. Your rootlets maybe your people or your customers.

For example, In most of the companies, executives do not talk about their product’s start mark. Yes…, They create customers, but they have to work hard to retain them. 

“Quality always cost less in the future.”

-W. Edwards Deming


Search about the world’s top 500 companies. You will find that these companies are quite innovative. Inventive here means not only the product. It can be your plan, strategy, workforce, information technology, etc.


  • BLOCKBUSTER (1985 – 2010)
  • POLAROID (1937 – 2001)
  • TOYS R US (1948 – 2017)
  • PAN AM (1927 – 1991)
  • BORDERS (1971 – 2011)
  • PETS[DOT]COM (1998 – 2000)
  • TOWER RECORDS (1960 – 2004)
  • COMPAQ (1982 – 2002)
  • GENERAL MOTORS (1908 – 2009)
  • KODAK (1889-2012)

More than 20% of the businesses get closed in the first year; Why?

Because, if you continue to do what you have been doing. You will get those what you were getting. Technology is like water in your business tree. The more you put, the more you progress.

A businessman quit when he failed. But a leader finds a new way to redevelop himself and the organization. 


What is that that converts a person into a Leader?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 70% of businesses close within the ten years of their business. One reason for this is the failure to make an employee “tribe.”


What would a book look like without pages? Perhaps a picture of that book may have formed in your mind. The book you imagined, humans seem to be the same without knowledge.

In business, you should have in-depth knowledge about your

  • Market size
  • Customers
  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Planning 

“If money is your hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.”

-Henry Ford.


Trouble is the second name of the business. Sometimes those problems can break the morale of the employees. It can be in the form of a financial crisisnatural crisis, etc. These situations can generate the following questions to you and your people

  1. Can we face it?
  2. How do we counter it?
  3. What’s our next move?
  4. Will we survive?

“Leadership is not a position or title. It is action and example.”

-Donald McGannon.

So Instead of giving discourses at that time. How can you get your organization out of these crises? Its answer gives them the required motivation and enthusiasm.

Following the footprints is easy as compared to creating a new way.



How do you keep yourself motivated? Everyone needs motivation. This Motivation can be money, success, fame, appreciation, awards, etc. But a leader does not consider It as his motivation.

These are external motivations. They cannot support you for a long time, Because these are results. It can change with time. The only thing you have in your hands is your purpose. This is what motivates a leader.

That’s why a leader Inspires his people and makes them realize their purpose.

“If you are motivated by the season, then your season is going to end soon.”



The leader fulfills what he commits. Often people consider “quitting” and “giving up” is the same thing. But It is not.

An ordinary person tries, over and over, to succeed when he fails. But a leader searches for the better way when he fails. In business, people give up on the goals when the circumstances get tougher. On the other hand, a leader changes his pathways, not purpose.

To pierce your goal, you can change your strategies, plans, industry. But you should not replace your purpose.


Everyone is searching for opportunities. Why is this so?

Because people are searching for the moment rather than living the moment. When you try to live the moment, then in those moments. You may see some lack, and this scarcity takes the form of opportunity.

So, to meet these shortcomings. People required that generate employment in the country. If you search for great leaders, you will find that they all have designed a system through which professions developed in the country.


You must have understood the explanation of this title by reading the title.

There is only one big reason for the failure of every business and sports. That is preparation. So, do research, research, and research about your market.

“The probability of defeat in war increases If the soldiers do not know the circumstances of the war.”



First, check out the list of the most valuable brands in the world.
So, let’s come to the topic. According to my research, there are two types of companies out there;

  1. Quality Driven.
  2. Quantity and Promotion Dependent.

Both the models of company structures are great. But when we talk about the long term business. You cannot depend on the second structure. Everyone wants the best service. And customers like it even more if they get this service at a lower price.

According to the data, 96 out of 100 people give more priority to services. Those who follow this data and provide services to the consumers, become market leaders.


Who is responsible for your success?
In business or life, responsibilities develop you. It can be in the form of your business, team management, people management, etc. Human beings like to follow the people who take responsibility for themselves and others. And this is the core strength of a leader. They love to take responsibility. 

It happens very often. Whenever a situation gets out of the comfort zone, people quit. But a leader. It takes charge. And set a good example for himself and people.


There is a fire in every wood. Just spark is needed. That spark is a leader. There are so many people in the world who have skills, but there is no one to encourage them. People think that if we support them, what will happen to us. Like people working in the same field, instead of supporting each other, they try to bring each other down.

That is the mentality of an Unsecure leader. But a Real Leader creates leaders.


Leadership skills are all about time management. They are not Moody.
People perceive priority and mood the same. They spend their time according to their mood. When they want to travel, they travel. When they want to go to a movie, they go. That is what a common man does.

But does a leader do this?
Obviously, Not!

Leaders are masters in prioritizing their time. They don’t give their time to the “Wants” they give it to the “Needs.”


Oh, man…, They are well updated with the things; Are You?
Yes take some time and think about It;

Your present is the result of your past. Your future will be the result of your today. That means, if you are up-to-date with “Today” then your tomorrow can improve. 

The great leader is up-to-date with the following things;

  1. Knowledge
  2. Product updates
  3. Market requirements
  4. Customer Feedback and needs
  5. Finances
  6. Workforce, etc

If you are not, then research about it.


Where vigorous, there is a success. The leader does the work in which he enjoys. And when you find pleasure in something, you cannot get tired. Therefore, If you will hear some of their speech, The vigorous energy in your conscience will be transmitted. They just carry some positive vibes that inspire a person to do something like them.


Yeah…, that’s true, If you consider failure a failure, then you will continue to fail. Why is this?
They believe in this Maha Mantra, “Either I win, or I learn.”

Every failure tells you about your weakness and strengths; There are so many people in the world who still do not aware of their capabilities. The reason is, they did not try to quit their comfort zone.

So, when you try to do something on your own, you win from your comfort zone. And that skill develops a person into a leader.


As the title shows, leaders examine every situation like an X-Ray machine. People fail because they do not assess their circumstances deeply. 


Our feelings change with time and situations. And these feelings make us younger or older. If we work according to these feelings, then we can’t achieve more. Because, after an age, humans do not feel like doing anything, and these thoughts control over on our muscles. But, the leader does not allow these ideas to enter his conscience.

The average age of the top 10 Billionaires is 62.6 years, and after that, they are still maintaining their positions. That means they are working very hard. 

“Mind control our feelings, and feelings control our muscles.”



That is the biggest problem of today’s youth; They have an attraction to the distractions. That means People zoom in the agitations and zoom out the opportunities.

These distractions can be the girls, social media sites, comparisons, instant gratifications, and the list go on. But leaders know that what to zoom in and what to zoom out.

They zoom in the things which are favorable to their goal statement. And zoom out the matters that are not related to their goal statement.


According to my experience, the above skills make a person a complete leader. If you go through the list of great leaders of the world, then you will find all these skills in them. And this is my claim.

All these skills will not be attained only by sitting at home, reading books and blogs. You have to make continuous efforts, and It can only possible If you know your purpose.

So, read this article once more, and get to work now. To learn these skills, you can connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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