The Real Meaning of a Leader

The real meaning of leader

Written By | Jai Dhuria

Hello, this is Jai Dhuria, the owner/founder of or Great Apes World. I am from India, and by profession, I am an engineer. I am very fond of reading Indian Scriptures. So It's just an effort to give them such a shape so that you can use it in your personal as well as business life.

July 14, 2020

The leadership qualities itself is a deep subject. A common man may have difficulties in understanding what this means. Everyone in this world knows that every country, city, state, organization, corporation, or company cannot do anything without a leader.

So what are these leaders?
Why are these leaders?
What do they do because of which everyone needs them?
And the biggest question is, can you be a leader?

So let’s read about the important leadership qualities first.


Perhaps you may know the meaning of leadership and example, but even after knowing that people are not able to mix them, that is why they are not able to become leaders.

Lead by example indicates that before speaking the words, it is as necessary to show it by doing it.

I know many times we have to announce or addressed before we succeed, so now how can we see the example of leadership in this?

How determined you are on your statement, can be defined by your actions, if your efforts are not supporting your words, then you are not a good leader.

According to these books, it is essential to know that people follow what they see if you want to be a great leader, then you have to establish some good examples.

The most significant rule in this world is that people will not take you seriously until they see the magnitude of your success.


Enthusiasm is a word that should be in your life, whether you are a leader or not.

Just as pouring water in the roots of a flower improves its appearance, in the same way, almost half of life’s troubles are overcome by the excitement of human life.

You cannot succeed only by doing your karma, with how much enthusiasm you do it, your success depends on it.

You will find in every great leader that he is very enthusiastic about his work, not upset and forced.


Are you ambitious?

This is the question which every leader asks himself many times, as long as he/she has an answer to this question, he continues to lead.

Whenever a leader makes a goal or works to fulfill his objective, then he has the answer to this question in the form of YES.

Every person makes a goal, and it is not so hard to make it, but the more powerful your desire and determination towards your purpose, the closer you will get to achieving it.

You will see the fire in every great leader to penetrate his/her goal, and this is one of the essential attributes of leadership qualities.


No matter how great you are, but problems will come in your life. There are two ways to avoid this, either you keep sleeping and enjoy your sleep or get up and enjoy facing the problems of yourself and your society.

But perhaps you also know that facing problems is not a matter of everyone.

Some are afraid, some run away and, some great souls commit suicide; but do not try to cope up.

There are only a few who face the problems of themselves and society. Those who encounter these obstacles and overcome them, people use to consider them as their leader.

Therefore, if you need external motivation to face your difficulties or to be successful, then it means that the leadership is not for you.


This quality is hard to find. People in this world are jealous after seeing each other’s wealth and seeing the success of others.

The day you stop comparing yourself to others, this quality will start developing inside you. It is very vital to understand that only by encouraging others will your success can increase.

I tell you how –

Just as a Guru develops the potential of his disciple by encouraging them, similarly, you too can boost your employees and achieve results according to their strength.

Encouragement should always be done for positive things because you will reap the same seeds as you sow. By encouraging, your colleagues feel that you are working hard not for your success but their success.

A true leader never discourages others.


Remembered when you used to be a student, but if you are trying to remember this, it means that you are far away from this quality.

A good leader either teaches or learns.

You must have heard that every great leader is also a good reader, have you heard or not?

If you have heard, then you have understood right because the asset of a leader is his/her knowledge and experiences, if he stops the stream of capital, then there will come a day when there is no capital left.

You must have also heard that knowledge grows by sharing it, because the capital of experience is such a capital, as much as you share it, it increases, and a good leader does it very well.



Do you do it or get it done like others?


Are you excited by the goal or the result?


do you have a strong desire and determination to succeed?


Do your goals inspire you or those around you?


Are you jealous of your colleagues’ achievements


Are you learning from your past mistakes or still repeating the same?

Do you consider sharing your knowledge as your competition?

Try to Give Answers to These Questions!

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