Top 5 Books to Read in 2020

Top 5 Books to Read in 2020

Written By | Jai Dhuria

Hello, this is Jai Dhuria, the owner/founder of or Great Apes World. I am from India, and by profession, I am an engineer. I am very fond of reading Indian Scriptures. So It's just an effort to give them such a shape so that you can use it in your personal as well as business life.

July 14, 2020

If you will read these top 5 books, then I can say with surety that your upcoming 2021, 2022, 2023, etc. are going to be very successful from your previous years. These top 5 books are the reason for this belief.

It is necessary to read books to keep oneself positive and away from negativity. It is also essential to know when and where to read which book. Nowadays, so many books are being written, due to which one can be confused, which one should read and which one should not read.

Nowadays, people feel that they are short of time due to which they pay more attention to the summary of books. This is wrong.

If you like to be ordinary, then you can listen to the summary, but to become the leader of the pack, then you have to read every page and every single word of these books.

Below is a list of 5 books that you must read:


This book explains how a common man can achieve victory by learning skills and trying them relentlessly. As more people like stories, therefore every quality in it is described with the help of a story.

Top 5 Books To Read In 2020

A message From this Book:
There was a balloon seller who used to sell balloons.
Whenever his sales were low, he would drop one of his balloons into the air, so that the children would come to him looking for the balloon floating in the air.

So, one day a child comes to him and asks him that if you leave this black color balloon in the air, will it also fly away.

The balloonist says the balloon does not fly upwards because of its color, but it is taken up by what is inside it.


Jeff Keller is one of the best writers, and this book is based on his life.
Jeff Keller had a dream to become a great lawyer since childhood. He used to study day and night from his childhood to fulfill his dream, and then one day, he becomes a lawyer.

Everything was going well, so he also gets married. But was that so? No.

After some years, he realizes that this work is not like that what he thought. He gradually started living sick, aged, depressed, frustrated, and tense. The surprising thing is that he used to earn 100K USD in a year. So why did he leave this business, and choose another profession, and then how he succeeded in it.

To know this, read this book and see how you can be successful by changing your attitude.


Before introducing this book, I want to know from you that, due to which skill in this world, most people have become self-made billionaires?

60 to 70% of self-made billionaires in the world are just because of the sales business. Ray Kroc, Mark Cuban, Ambani, Bill Gates, Tata, etc., all of them are great sellers, they know how to sell the things, therefore they able to become so rich.

The thing is not about money; Everyone has to sell something at some time. The employee sells his time, and the wise man sells his knowledge. You may also be doing one of them.

So what are these secrets, because of which you too can become rich by selling your skills, is described in this book.


Joe Navarro is an American best-selling author and former FBI agent.
As you must have heard that every human body is like an open book, but you should know how to read it.

So, to read someone’s body, you should know what body language is, but most people try to understand the physical expression by their incomplete knowledge.

For example; If 3 girls come to you and say “I like you” with different gestures, then maybe you will agree with the person who has presented in the best way, But think if these 3 girls had proposed you in the same way, then? Vice versa for girls.
So, to identify the right person you should read this book!!


A great book.
Who are you? A student, teacher, businessman, warrior, father, mother, if you are some of them or not, you must read this book.

After reading this book, you will be able to understand how to make a decision that is in your favor and also for your people. Who should be trusted in life and who should be not, out of the two right choices, which one can be more profitable for you.

All these situations can put anyone in a dilemma. Chanakya has told in this book how to conquer all these situations.


If you have already read up all these books then it’s a good thing, I appreciate you!

Just drop a Message to know which will be the next best book for you.

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