What is Motivation and Its Types

what is motivation and its types

Written By | Jai Dhuria

Hello, this is Jai Dhuria, the owner/founder of Greatapesworld.com or Great Apes World. I am from India, and by profession, I am an engineer. I am very fond of reading Indian Scriptures. So It's just an effort to give them such a shape so that you can use it in your personal as well as business life.

July 14, 2020

Motivation is a pretty common topic and well-known by the audience. How popular is, you can idolize this by the following stats;

According to the above data. In the USA only, more than 201,000 searches are done every month. And on Instagram, There are more than 226,702,848 posts with the hashtag “#motivation.” That shows us the potential of this topic. By the way, this article is not for motivation’s stats and posts. Using these stats. I just show you the number of people who are in search of motivation.

Apart from this; Motivation is a force that forces you to achieve a particular goal or to develop interest. It can be Internal or External.
According to my thoughts. We can learn motivation from our parents and society. But.


We all want to be successful. Am I right?
But the definition of success can be different for everyone. If you ask a monk the definition of success. It is distinctive for him. And If you ask the same question in the western world. The answer can be quite different.

For the monk, his God and his family is his success. In the western world, a bigger house, car, more money, etc. considered a success. A monk spends his entire life in penance. The one whom he does penance, he is not even visible. So have you ever thought what motivates a monk? Think about it.

In simple words, Lazy people need motivation. You might not like my thoughts. But this is the reality. How?
When you feel thirsty, you search for water. If you do not get it, you seek until you find it.

Do not think to drink cold drinks. Because it relieves the taste, not thirst.

You succeed in finding water because that is your need. Likewise, Is success a requirement of you? 
“I’m curious to know your answer.”
But, as I mentioned. You will never see a monk looking for inspiration. You know why?
Because they have got their spark and you can get this spark too. Don’t worry; This spark will not make you a monk.
These sparks are of two types.
You can discover your spark by Reading these books.


Before this, I just want to know you more. 
Who you are? A Student, Employee, and Business-person?

So let’s come to the point; As the title indicates. A force that keeps us engrossed in results more than our efforts is called external motivation. Confusing? OK.

“I will give $50 to whoever shares this article on their Instagram handle!!”
Wait wait wait…, First, read; If you had just thought to share this article due to money. That means you are affected by an extrinsic force;
This force can be in the following forms.

  • Rewarding Money.
  • Award.
  • Appreciation.
  • Fame.
  • Position.
  • Promotions and the list go on.

The above things are quite essential in our life. But If you put the value of your energy according to the number of external rewards. Then you too have to change your career every four years like others. 

Yes, that is the survey done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In its 2018 Employee Tenure Summary. The BLS reported, the median employee tenure was 4.3 years for men and 4.0 years for women.

One more study was done by the Glassdoor. 48% of women and 52% of men are unable to find love at their workplace. That’s why they are unable to stick to one job.

What is Motivation

In many organizations. They cover a variety of rewards to get the best out of their employees. And they also succeed in doing it.

Do you know why Hippo is the most uncontrollable animal in the world? Because they do what they love to do. Are you doing the same or not?

“When External Reward forces oneself to get the best output, then you are the part of extrinsic motivation.”

– Jai


“The activity in which you explore your knowledge, abilities, and some facts. Without needing any external reward is called intrinsic motivation.

In other words; Doing a task that does not feel tired even after doing it all day. Let me share something with you;
The global poll conducted by Gallup has shown that only 15% of people are engaged in their work. That means 85% of people do the work that they don’t like to do.

Why is this? Do you like your job?

That is happening because people are more affected by the rewards rather than their interests. 

These are the activities that connected with your conscience. You keep yourself ready to do these tasks. And when you do something that you like. You always try to explore more in it. Not because of rewards. But, because you feel pleasure in doing it.
Many times we do an activity due to intrinsic motivation. It has been seen that we become more productive in it. You become much more creative and skillful in it than before.
That what’s a Leader does.

If you research about the world’s top inspiring people. You will find that they are very much influenced by their work. They only continue to explore their interest. Due to which they continue to succeed in it.


In simple words, motivation is a force that drives you to do something. It can be internal or external. 

Whenever you enjoy an activity, without any need for external reward. That means you are internally motivated. There are many religious activities done in the world every year. In which people serve each other. Without any greed of money, praise, and position.

On the other hand. If you are making your efforts to get external rewards and to avoid punishment. Then you are suffering from extrinsic motivation. These rewards can be in the form of money, position, praise, etc.

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